Do you think kids want to use technology?

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  1. What happens with a lot of technology is that it becomes a fancier way to do the same old things. Technology should be able to teach more, teach faster and at a lower cost. At least in every other endeavor it has.

    If technology is part of a reinvention of eduation, you should easily be able to reduce K-12 down to K-10 for the average student.

  2. I do agree with you, but being a long time gadget freak, I know how much more interesting and fun the various technology tools are to use. I think if given the choice, the fancy way would win out. If that is so, then more learning will be done.

    We just tried podcasting some digital stories. One might say that it was much more work than was necessary; however the response from the 5th graders was unanimous-they want to do it again. Imagine! They want to write another story because now potentially the entire world can read their work. This, from kids who had to be coerced and cajoled in order to get this first story out!

  3. Here’s a quick question. Should technology change the way we teach reading and writing? Two interesting news stories in the last few weeks. In the first one it talked about how the top 10 novels in Japan were written on cell phones.

    The second was Bill Gates article were he stated that in the next few years, keyboards my be obsolete. Speach recognition and touch screen will take over.

    While it might seem like a curosity, for your 5th graders this is going to be a big deal by the time their 18.

  4. Technology has already changed how we teach reading and writing. Any tool is technology, a pencil, a book, a pair of eyeglasses! I am not a classroom teacher-I am a computer teacher of kindergarten through grade 5 kids. They would not even be able to get to school were it not for technology!

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