I videod my granddaughter read a couple of books and posted them to youtube. Then when I saw her kindergarten teacher from three years ago, I could show her how successful her teaching was!

Today she came into my lab and I was excited to share the videos with her. It was during one of my fifth grade classes and they were FASCINATED that I had actually put stuff up on you tube. All of a sudden, I think they thought that (1) I wasn’t as dumb as they thought, and (2) that it was pretty cool stuff that I did!

Then the kids started asking each other how you did such a thing. They began to offer not so good ways that you post such things. I said I would show them. I took out my Flip camera and started to video kids from the neck down. That started to seem lame so I said whoever can get their parents’ permission can be on the video. Two kids went to the office and obtained said permission. I videoed them and showed them how the Flip is inserted into the USB port and then uploaded to youtube. They were amazed!

Now they know one of the ways to do it. I hope I did a good thing…


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