The Breadth and Depth of Attaining Knowledge or

Is Twitter going to ruin my brain for deeper, headier learning?

It seems that many can’t just enjoy Twitter for the little communications program that it is. Instead we have to dissect it, scrutinize the people who use it, whether you be followERS or followEES. If you don’t follow those who follow you, are you a bum? If you respond in an insipid way, certain twitterers will twit, in a very circular fashion, how some people waste their time.

Frankly, I think that all of these discussions are a waste of time. I hate to be a negative kind of gal, but what’s wrong with just enjoying whatever we each reap from it? I love the links, the sharing of info on educational technology. I enjoy the few friends that I have “made” (in a virtual sorta way) and I look forward to seeing what they are up to each day.

One day, I decided to let some classes use comics to experiment with. I twitted for links and was sent enough comic links to keep me busy for the rest of the year. Within minutes, my class had links to have some fun.

I have to admit to some uneasiness with Twitter etiquette. I know that others are, too. If you are being followed, must you also follow that person? My gut reaction would be, no. I don’t follow certain people because I want them to follow ME. I have, at this point, very little to offer. After all, the people whom I follow are top notch in their field. Why on earth would they follow ME? I am honored that I can be a casual observer and grab a link or two, or a nugget or two of their wisdom. I am in this for learning…not popularity.

So if you see me anywhere, say Hi. I won’t be mad if you don’t follow me, as long as I can continue to eavesdrop and hijack your links and share your lesson plans. I am grateful for being able to do so!


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