Comment Challenge

If you are looking for my previous lessons and reflections, I accidentally erased them all last night.
Yeah, not so smart of me, was it?

Day 6: Engage another Commenter in Discussion

I know I can do this easily. I think I will do better with this homework!
I finally completed this task. It also took me way longer than expected. I think that the organizers of these tasks should say You have 30 minutes to find and post. Otherwise, I am taking two, three hours of browsing, searching, pondering. I must waste a ton of time! How on earth do these other people do it? Their blogs are always up to date, they comment intelligently on Twitter, they respond politely to their blog comments.
It’s astounding!

Now onto the next lesson, which is:

Day 7: Reflect on What You’ve Learned so Far

Hmmm.. three lessons that I’ve learned thus far… Well, I found out that I am pretty agreeable! It’s very hard to find a lot to disagree with!

I also found out that I feel uncomfortable with a lot of fuss over my posts. I am not sure that I need to post more than I do. I like posting on my two blogs when the mood strikes me. I also read other ed tech type blogs all the time. I try not to post too often because they are often of the “Oh I love what you said! I agree!” variety, which is a no no. So I tend to only post when I really need to, otherwise I just read and move on.

And lastly, I mostly use my blog to remind me of stuff that I want to remember or use in the future. I like to highlight information that I really think may get away from me. That happens to me all the time, regardless of how hard I try to copy and paste the URLs or the info!

Day 8: Comment on a blog outside of your niche


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  1. Welcome to the Comment Challenge Linda šŸ™‚

    I think the answer is there has to be something about the post that makes you want to contribute and comment. For example you don’t totally agree, or the blogger has asked for help them work through their thinking, or the post has been so helpful you want to say thanks. Also you are not alone most of the participants feel similar to you – perhaps it is worth you checking out the posts that are being written by the participants in the Challenge as it might may you feel more comfortable and realise your not alone in this feeling.

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