Workshop with Maria Knee

On Thursday, I went to a workshop presented by Maria Knee. It was on Voicethreads and wikis. I already use Voicethreads and wikis but I know Maria and I wanted to see what else I could learn.

There were three things that I know now that I didn’t know before. Well, there could have been many things but these three things stick in mind days later.

1. I didn’t know that you could post a picture with just the URL.

2. Also, I loved her idea of how to celebrate the 100 days of school. I have searched and searched for a good way to do that and have always come up with dead links and stuff that I thought was contrived. She used a wiki and created one page for each of the 100 days and posted different things that could make up those numbers. She is a kindergarten teacher and I have kindergarten as well as the rest of the school so I would have to make two, one for the 100th day for k and one for first grade. Kindergarten starts a few days later here so the numbers don’t jive.

3. Maria uses webkinz. I was curious as to how she did that. She buys one a year and they go on as a class. I had many questions because webkinz only allows one log in at a time. I had bought a few for kids who didn’t have any but they expire after a year. We will see; I’d like to have more ideas about how to use them.

Looking forward to my next workshop!


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