BLC08, Web 2.0, Scratch, and the Internet

It’s all about the interactivity, the connectivity, the collaboration.

It removes the walls, the borders, and boundaries that used to keep us apart. The Internet transcends every kind of impediment, virtual or physical.

This past week, when I was at the MIT conference, and the earlier week at BLC, there were kids from everywhere. There were adults from everywhere. There were many accents, cultures, religions, in one space. There was no fighting. People were exchanging ideas, email addresses, code, and projects.

I can’t wait sometimes to see how the global communities of the future will handle foreign affairs. Could it be possible that because they are growing up with no known blockades that this will continue? Will it be possible that people will be able to talk freely with others in far-off nations because they always have?

I wonder.


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