…for learning and creativity.

I had the pleasure of hearing John Davitt’s keynote at BLC08 and then afterwards, having several conversations with him. I ended up purchasing his book, New Tools for Learning Accelerated learning meets ICT. I was just reading about how we become more secure in our learning when we can make connections. His premise is with text or a photo we can provide links to other areas that might explain what we are trying to say. That with technology, the students are able to ‘link this with that’ and show connections that previously were not available to them. He then quoted Colin Rose: The better connected the two halves of the brain, the greater the potential of the brain for learning and creativity.

Davitt was a funny, interesting, and intelligent man. I hope you also get a chance to hear him speak.


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  1. I agree that he was a great speaker – of all the keynotes, he was one that I really wish had had more time as it seemed he was really just getting to the meat of his presentation. I’ll have to borrow that book at some point!

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