New Beginnings

Tomorrow starts the school year. Today we had meetings. I don’t consider that school…school is when kids are here logging in and asking me if they can do something fun today. Fun? Is it educational if it’s fun? Of course it is!

This year I will be using a grade level wiki for kids and parents to use to record what we do. Should be a nice give and take, I am hoping.

We will also, of course, use epals again. I hope to be able to use some awesome web sites that I have either used at home or have read about in my travels but many of them are heavy on flash and we have a band width issue. I hope it’s not insurmountable…time will tell.

We will be doing keyboarding lessons in the spring instead of the fall. I am ok with that. The fall is full. Getting used to a new teacher, new kids in the class, then before you know it, it’s time for NECAPS. So we will be doing our four weeks of keyboarding in the spring. I am looking forward to it!

We will be striving to align our tech standards to some of our lessons. It is hard, in some respects. The teachers want me to use their 45 minute class a week to learn how to use this program or that one in order to use it for their lessons. I like doing that! But we also have to create, with the kids, a portfolio of technology work. It will be difficult but I think it’s a challenge that we can meet.

One challenge I think will be hard is that I have about 20 computers but this year I have two classes with 23 students in them. I have bits and pieces of computers, ie I have keyboards or mice but no CPU, etc. I have enough monitors, which is huge, but I still need other components to actually have a student station.

Stay tuned!!


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