Just today…

First of all, I found out that we can use panwapa.com this year. I tried so many times last year but the bandwidth just couldn’t cut it. It would just spin and spin. Today, I tried, and voila! All 2nd graders got in (some had a tiny wait) and they got to see how cool the site is. I am sending home their usernames and passwords so they can play at home if they want to.

With 5th grade, I used a site called doppelme.com. We didn’t have enough time to play around because they actually had a word processing lesson to do for their teacher. Sheesh! 🙂 The company, doppelme, was so kind to me; they gave me a hundred accounts so that I could have all the 4th and 5th graders create their own avatars.

Next site I will check out will be kerpoof and see if I can plan some lessons for my kiddos!


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