Quality Expectations for Published Writing

A 5th grade teacher and I decided to post our expectations for blogging and for emails to epals. They are:

I will:

1.    Use Spell Check.

2.    Capitalize the beginning of sentences, names, and places.

3.    Use punctuation at the end of every sentence.

4.    Use details to help the reader see a picture of my thinking.

5.    Use a minimum of four sentences to express my ideas and answer questions.

6.    Ask thoughtful questions of my reader.

7.    Respond respectfully to comments.

8.    Always write in a way that brings respect and honor to my school, my family, and myself.

We created posters to be laminated and posted wherever kids may be on the computer. Special thanks to Mark Ahlness for #8.


1 Comment

  1. These are great; students want to list do and do nots but they don’t seem to get to the content or presentation of the material. Thanks for this.

    I am new to blogging–and I opened this up to my students. What are some suggestions or ideas?

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