Wikis and Blogs

I now have all the 5th graders on either a wiki or a blog. I can’t say as I am totally impressed with the first posts (lots of “Wasssuppppp” lol) but I will give it time! They seem to really love the idea and caught on very quickly.

We had the Blogger’s and Wiki User’s Contract discussion first. This is the one I use:


Understanding that any type of posting online, as well as blogging, is a real and important form of writing and self-expression, student and teacher bloggers must agree to be honest, truthful, and kind. Exchanging and publishing ideas can help people in new and important ways. But in this writing, there are risks and important responsibilities.

To be a responsible online writer, I promise that when I write, I will:

Honestly express truthful thoughts and ideas. If someone asks, I will be able to prove what I write is true.

Always treat all people with respect. I will never write to cause harm or to hurt the feelings of others.

Never do anything to cause harm to the computer I am writing on. I will set a good example for others.

Do my absolute best to write truthful and useful information. If I make a mistake, I will fix it.

Always write in a way that protects the identity of my classmates, my family, and myself.

Always write in a way that brings respect and honor to my school, my family, and myself.

Student Signature


We use pbwiki because I think it’s the easiest one around. The kids were immediately able to get in there and format their words as well as create pages. It MUST be pretty easy! I hope it goes well.


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