google tours

I have played around with google tours for a few weeks now. I didn’t realize that I happened upon the most difficult directions ever created. Last night as I was surfing the web, I found the simplest way to create my own google tour. I could do it and you can, too.

First of all, what is a google tour? It’s a virtual tour that can be taken within google earth. I first found out about these at an ISTE webinar. I was immediately entranced by this amazing concept. You can read a book like Make Way for Ducklings and then recreate the locations along with text, pictures, video, from place to place. A reader can be covering the book with your students and someone can be manning the mouse and bringing you into Boston Common. So cool!

I created a very simple one for our 5th graders for the Freedom Trail. We could use it as a possible assignment, I am thinking.

Anyhow, here are the very simple directions so you, too, can create your very own google tour!


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