Scratchin’ in Belize

Here in Belize, we are teachin’ and learnin’ a lot about Scratch. I love teaching it and some of the kids are getting hooked! They love it! I show the video and then let them do some simple exercises like animating the ghost or make the shark “eat” the small fish. Just about every class has been successful. Two different kids took home the cd to install it and work on it at home. I was so happy about that! I told them both that they should set their eyes on MIT!

Oddly enough, no one here has ever heard of MIT!


1 Comment

  1. Hi, I found you via a twitter connection, Glovely. FUnny how the connections work.
    What really caught my interest was your teaching time in Belize. Since I’ve been a few times, and going again next week, I’m interested in where you’re teaching and how you got started with that. I’d really like to know more.

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