Back home from Belize

I am home from Belize. I have to admit to some sadness but that’s to be expected. I loved the teachers, the administrators, the cook, and the kids. It’s hard to bond like that and then leave. It’s so far away and so expensive to get there that I have no idea when I will be able to return.

I hope that they have a great time using the programs that I brought-Scratch, Tux Paint, Tux Type, and Childsplay. If anyone has other ideas for free programs please send them my way. I will load up another thumb drive with them and send them south!




  1. No recommendations, but when we were at Special Olympics World Games a few weeks ago, I met the Belize representatives and athletes. What wonderful people they were…and I had no idea how “youthful” their population is! I was told that something like 60% of population is under age 30. Amazing.

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