More Ideas for Reflection Questions

I was going over some past tweets and I must have missed this one. This information can be found at this link but I copying and pasting in case something happens to the link.

Student Reflection Questions

Challenge 2000 MMP

Questions for Student Reflection About Multimedia Projects

(Suggested grade level: 4-12)

Developed by Edys Quellmalz, et al. at SRI

These questions are suggested as tools to probe students’ reflections about what they have experienced and learned as they developed their multimedia projects. The questions could be used to help students organize presentations of their projects. Teachers and others might also select some or all of the questions to ask students as they are developing or demonstrating their projects.

Questions ask about the design process students engaged in as they prepared their projects and what they have learned from participating in the project. Questions should be revised or simplified so that they are age-appropriate and to match the context in which they are used.

Curricular Issues 1. What is the goal of your group project?(E.g., What is the main point you are trying to communicate to your intended audience? What concepts that you studied in class did you include/are you trying to share with others?)
Time Frame 1. What did you do as you planned your project? (E.g., selecting topics, finding resources, using storyboards, outlines)
2. What changes did you make while you were planning it? (Changes in content, organization, media, language?)
3. In what ways did your classmates and teacher give you suggestions on how to improve your project?
4. How long did you work on this project? How much time did you spend on planning, gathering and selecting information, editing and putting it all together?
5. Do you wish that you had been given more time to work on this project? What else would you have done?
Student Direction 1. How did you select the information to include? (What resources did you use? Why did you leave some information out?)
2. How did you decide which media you would use to make your information clear?
3. How did your teacher help?
Multimedia 1. Which types of media did you include, e.g. graphs, photos, “movies”?
2. How did the media enliven the project in comparison to a text-like report?
Audience 1. Who is your audience? How did you choose information and media to capture your audience’s attention?
2. How would you change your project for a different audience?
Collaboration 1. How did the whole team contribute to this project?
2. How did you and your team make choices as you built this project?
Assessment 1. What did you learn during this project? (E.g., about concepts, media, teamwork?)
2. What will you do differently during your next multimedia project?

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