Have you checked out toondoo?

Some months ago, I wrote to the toondoo folks and expressed my dismay at some of the content on the site. They responded right away with a plan that they were just hatching at the time. It was to be a pay site for schools that would only include content from the school community. An administrator would be in charge of all the log ins, much like we have to do at Kerpoof or any of these creative, amazing sites. I volunteered to be a tester for the site as we tried out our school’s domain. Because it’s the end of the year, I have only been able to get a couple dozen 4th and 5th graders to try the site out but it’s really great. Kids can draw their own cartoons or use the many, many little images already made. Then using backgrounds and speech bubbles, stories can be created, limited only by one’s imagination and abilities.

You’ve gotta check it out! Here is the free site, as is:




  1. If you’re interested in interactive web comics, check out Pixton!

    It’s a cool, new website that lets you create comics online without having to draw, then share and remix them in a global online community. You can design every aspect of your character, rotate all of the body parts and even turn it 360 degrees!

    The ability to create a 3-panel strip or a 12-row epic makes it a fun digital storytelling tool for all. Language filters, privacy settings, and flagging mechanisms help preserve a safe online environment.

    In addition to our free public website, Pixton for Schools is available: an affordable, low-cost solution with a free trial. It is fully private and secure, allowing teachers to create goal-oriented assignments, organize students into virtual classrooms, and much more.

    We welcome you to try Pixton and tell us what you think.

    Creator of Pixton – Interactive Web Comics

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