27 Random Lessons for K-Grade 5

  1. Using Excel, graph temperatures
  2. Using Jolly Mr. Postman by Alan Ahlberg and Letter Generator from Read, Write, and Think, write a letter
  3. Create something using Scratch
  4. Use Garageband and make some music
  5. Read The Colors of Us by Karen Katz and then have them draw a self portrait using KidPix
  6. Have the kinders find the missing pictures in Highlight Kids
  7. Read Henry and Mudge Build a Treehouse by Cynthia Rylant and then create a treehouse in Highlights Kids
  8. Practice keyboarding using http://abcya/standard_keyboard.htm
  9. Use the stem and leaf plot site and graph heights
  10. Online safety
  11. Nettrekker
  12. Disney’s Surfs Swell
  13. Rif.org
  14. Myths and legends site from England
  15. Kerpoof
  16. Sheppard Software
  17. Jigsaw puzzles
  18. Decorate a Cake
  19. CyberPigs
  20. Presidents Day Activity
  21. Dr. Seuss
  22. Coat of Arms Pick a shield. Then have the kids go here to figure out what to put on their family Coat of Arms.
  23. childrensmuseum.org
  24. Online Dictionary
  25. Ologyworld
  26. NLVM
  27. Time for Kids

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