Wiimote Smartboard

Don’t believe it. Unless I totally messed this one up, take my advice and forget this project. It isn’t worth the time or the effort. Or the expense.

First thing I did was to watch the http://johnnylee.net/projects/wii/. I thought to myself, I can do that. So I went to the local Gamestop in North Hampton and asked about the Wiimotes that the kids use with their Wiis. He showed me two, one Nintendo and one knock-off. He said it should be the same regardless, same infrared camera in each, so I decided to spend $29.99 instead of $39.99. Then I ordered an infrared pen from wiiteachers.com and bought one for $17.99. Now I was ready. I set up my projector and tried to get it to work. Nothing.
My son-in-law was coming over that afternoon and he tried for quite a while. He had limited success. I was not too concerned because I was soon going to attend a workshop at the Christa McAuliffe conference and I figured that they would be able to put me on the right track.
I found out that the knock-off Wii mote really wasn’t compatible. I could connect through Bluetooth but it did not recognize anything except the real Wii mote. I was pretty bummed out. I went to another store and purchased the real thing, a Wii mote. I also went back to the wiiteachers page and bought a better infrared pen. That was $19.99. Then I went to Walmart to get a cheap twin-sized white sheet. $4.00.
I tried again. This time, everything worked. The only problem was, it worked lousily. I calibrated it many times and each time it produced a very poor attempt as a smartboard. And I am out $111.96.

Learn from my lesson…don’t bother.



  1. I made one and love it. Callibrated better than the traditional smartboards at our school. And I projected onto the whiteboard in my room and it doesn’t move the way a portable smartboard does. Just trying to figure out how to put a projector on a tripod so I can project onto a table!

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