QR Codes

If you are asking yourself, “What the heck is a qr code and why should I care?” then I will tell you. If you are reading this blog, you are interested in kids and teaching technology. And the kids do know. Therefore, we need to also.

This is a qr code:    If you have a smart phone, you just need to get a barcode reader which is a free app, and download it. Then launch the app and have it “read” any qr code. They are everywhere, it seems, once you figure out what they are. And they can be very useful outside of just being fun to create.

If you were able to scan it, you would have seen a link that you could click on. Once you click, you would be back here at this blog. That’s one handy way to use it! You could redirect people anywhere you can put a qr code!

This is how you can create your very own code that directs them to a link. Go to http://goqr.me/. Click on the URL tab and put in the URL of your dreams. And…that’s it.

You can make them for different reasons, like phone numbers, business cards, etc. Have fun!



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