Monster Project!

Two wonderful teachers began the Monster Project a few years ago. This is how it goes:
one class studies and learns about adjectives and describing words. We used books such as
Go Away, Big Green Monster, and Many Luscious Lollipops,Hairy, Scary Ordinary, Drawing and Learning about Monsters, and some others to help them visualize their monsters a bit more.
Then, the students draw a picture of a monster, preferably online using Kid Pix or Tux Paint
We used Kidspiration and created mind maps to help us get our descriptive words in the right places!
They give their monster a name and a full description of it. Then, these are posted on the web. The partner students only get the descriptions, no pictures, and they have to draw their versions of the monsters. Then their versions are put alongside the original pictures! We can’t wait to see what the “redrawn” monsters look like!
Group 1
Group 2

One of our monsters!


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