Great Stone Face Book: Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica Day George

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Celie’s favorite day is Tuesday, because that is the day when her father the king hears petitions, which is, admittedly, a bit boring.  And when the castle where they live grows bored, it tends to grow a new room or two, or possibly a brand-new staircase leading somewhere Celie’s never been before.  She adores the castle and its mysterious ways, and she charts out its rooms and passages as they come and go.  And the castle appears to have a particular affection for her, too.

The entire kingdom loves the castle because it chooses their rulers, and it makes excellent choices.  When books and astrolabes began appearing in her older brother’s room, and her younger brother’s room was moved closer to the throne room, King Glower lost no time in declaring his younger son heir, and sent his older son off to the College of Wizardry.

When Celie’s oldest brother is about to graduate from college, the king and queen set off to attend the graduation.  Celie is incensed that she is not allowed to go.  Matters take a turn for worse when her parents disappear and are soon presumed dead, and the castle becomes overrun with strangers from neighboring lands who appear to have their own agenda, an agenda that does not include the crown prince actually ruling their land.

To find out what happens…read the book!


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