Thoughts About Summer!

SummerReading (1)

We teachers are busy gathering resources for students to use over the summer. Reading lists, informative websites, learning apps-I have compiled and gathered and shared. I hope my 3rd through 5th graders work hard on their keyboarding skills on rainy days. I hope they get to the library and read a great book every week. That can be done regardless of weather, right? Possibilities include on a hammock, under a tree, on a park bench!

summerreadingWe are lucky that we live by the ocean. I hope that you get to ride the waves and pick up shells. Maybe you will be lucky enough to get to a Red Sox game! Just don’t forget that reading every day is so important. If you have a little sister or brother, offer to read to them, too!

If I don’t see you at the public library, I will see you in August ready to hear about the good books you’ve read!

Don’t forget sunscreen! šŸ™‚


Reading and Learning Resources

Keyboarding Resources

Math Resources



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