Please save Kerpoof!

@kerpoof @disney I promised my students that I would write to you and express all our concerns about Disney discontinuing its support for the website. We want to know why you bothered to buy this site to just stop supporting it? We LOVE this site. Kids from kindergarten through grade 5 love creating movies, earning coins to purchase fancier tools; they love making awesome cards and pictures. We love that it’s free but with a pay component if you really can’t live without some of the extras. But mostly we love that what we create at home or at school can be saved and then worked on later on, because it’s web-based. Every one of my students have accounts. We saw that @disney wants to concentrate on mobile apps so that’s why @kerpoof is being tossed aside. Not all students have iPads and tablets, you know. Not all students have computers at their homes. Some kids only get to use technology when they are at school. Taking this away means there’s one less awesome tool for creativity that teachers have in their toolbox. Please reconsider this choice. I know that we always use as our litmus test- “What is best for the kids?” I can tell you what is best-please continue to support this fabulous website for the kids. Thank you. #savekerpoof #kidslovekerpoof


Fun Activities to do with Excel  (although I cannot get the first activity to work where you insert the shapes. I am  using Office 2011 if anyone else figures it out)